Peregrine Bullets Sub Sonic .308/30...

Peregrine Bullets Sub Sonic .308/30 155gr x 50

Peregrine Bullets Sub Sonic .308/30 155gr x 50

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Stealth/quiet hunting at close quarters. Hunting within predominantly thick plant and bush cover or the cover of darkness. Used for all types of animals but best suited for “Medium” and “Small” game. Can also be used for stress free culling of unwanted animals among game breeding stock. This patented ground breaking monolithic expanding copper bullet (Subsonic) is designed for all types of stealth hunting where very little noise is desired. These bullets expand at velocities from 1050fps (Max application velocity) down to 750fps (500m+ distance). Subsonic bullets maintain velocity very well. This is a class act bullet with the unique ability to expand over a wide range of subsonic velocities. Due to its ultra low speed the best application for this bullet is 50 to 100m shots. It will expand very well for shots beyond 500m but accuracy and travel time to impact may be problematic. This bullet has devastating terminal performance with minimum meat damage. Although it is a brand new product, we believe that it will become an industry leader that will be difficult to match. Subsonic by definition implies bullets speeds that will always be lower than the velocity of sound. Therefore almost no rifle sound can be heard when a shot is fired from a rifle with a good quality silencer. With your Peregrine Subsonic (SS) bullet all types of game shots are possible. For soft tissue as well as bone this bullet will not let you down. For the launch it is only available in 30Cal and 338.

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